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RT15 Battery Powered Floor Scrubber, 14" Cleaning Path, 19377 Sqft/h Efficiency, Compact Design

RT15 Battery Powered Floor Scrubber, 14" Cleaning Path, 19377 Sqft/h Efficiency, Compact Design

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Experience unmatched cleaning efficiency with the RT15 Series Floor Scrubber! Boasting a 14-inch brush scrubbing width paired with an impressive 18-inch squeegee suction width, this machine delivers thorough and efficient cleaning for compact and expansive spaces.

Its 4-gallon waste tank guarantees smooth, uninterrupted operation, while the generous 2-hour runtime extends your cleaning sessions, ensuring spotless results. The RT15 Floor Scrubber achieves remarkable cleaning speeds of up to 14,500 square feet per hour, making it the ideal choice for all your cleaning needs, big or small.

Cost-wise, you'll love how the RT15 maximizes your cleaning efficiency, saving time and labor costs. 

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  • SM860 34" Ride-On Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine

    THIS SUNMAX FLOOR SCRUBBER IS SUITABLE FOR HARD FLOORS such as mirror tile floor, marble floor, epoxy floor, PVC floor, emery floor, terrazzo floor, concrete floor etc.

  • SUNMAX  RT15+ 14" Walk-behind Floor Scrubber

    Compact design, maneuver with ease. Digital LCD screen displays machine working status and error codes, quickly diagnosing and repairing machine malfunctions.

  • SUNMAX  RT15+ 14" Walk-behind Floor Scrubber

    14" brush cleaning width, 17.8" squeegee cleaning width, 3-gallon solution tank and 4-gallon sewage tank, Cleaning efficiency up to 14,500 sqft/h. Continuous working up to 2 hours after one full charge.

  • SUNMAX  RT15+ 14" Walk-behind Floor Scrubber

    Comes with a complete set of parts, including a brush plate, a burnishing pad, and a pad holder. Easy assembly only takes 5 minutes. Fast and easy to replace cleaning brush. Rechargeable maintenance-free batteries.


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    2-year Manufacturer Warranty

    2-year Manufacturer Warranty (Free replacement of non-wearable parts within 2 years)

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  • Brush Cleaning Width: 14 Inches
    Squeegee Cleaning Width: 18 Inches
    Brush Rotation Speed: 180 RPM
    Brush plate motor power: 0.4 hp (300 W)
    Water Suction Motor Power: 0.67 hp (500 W)
    Clear Water Tank: 3 Gallons
    Sewage Water Tank: 4 Gallons
    Coverage/Productivity: 14500 sqft /h

  • Continuous Run Time: 2 - 2.5 hours
    Charging time: 8.5 hours
    Battery Capacity:24V/32 Ah
    Working noise: 56 db
    Product Weight: 138.5 lbs
    Dimension(L x W x H): 27.5*18*41.3 inches
    Gross weight: 173.5 lbs
    Package size: 36*22*43 inches



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What types of floors can the RT15 clean?

SUNMAX Floor Scrubber Machines are best for cleaning a wide range of floor surfaces, including:

  1. Hard Floors such as tile, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, concrete, and vinyl;
  2. Sealed Wood Floors: we recommend using SUNMAX soft brushes or pads that are gentle on wood surfaces;
  3. Linoleum floors which are often found in commercial spaces;
  4. Laminate: we recommend using soft brushes or pads to avoid scratching the surface;
  5. Epoxy-coated floors which are commonly found in industrial settings;
  6. Rubber floors which are often found in gyms and sports facilities;
  7. Terrazzo floors made from a mix of marble chips and concrete;
  8. Concrete floors in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers;
  9. Grouted Floors.

⚠️ Attention: Add cleaning chemicals without oxidizing agents, chlorine or bromine, formaldehyde, or mineral fluxes, such as acid or alkaline cleaners.

What is the difference between their Power Source?

  • RT15 Power Source: Lead-acid rechargeable battery Charge Time: 8 Hours Working Time:2 Hours
  • RT15+ Power Source: Lithium rechargeable battery Charge Time: 3.5 Hours Working Time:2.5 Hours



Customer Reviews

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Works as states

Product worked great on our rough tile floor. First thing that has made a difference. And with 4 dogs it is so worth it

Great cleaner

No cords!!! Battery lasts 2 hours. Great scrubber and suction! Highly recommend! Now I am trying to find how to order another brush just to have an extra on hand

This thing works exactly as it's supposed to!

This product was a game-changer for our rough tile floor - it's the first thing that's made a noticeable difference. And with four dogs in the house, it's definitely worth the investment!